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Ribeye, beefsteak 179 DKK

w / steakhouse french fries - homemade spice butter -homemade mirakulix dip - salad- bearnaise sauce

"Stjerneskud" small/large  109/129 DKK

Pan fried and steamed flounder on bread,
with shrimps and 

"Pariserbøf"  109 DKK

chopped steak on bread
with garniture: beetroot, horseradish, egg

Fried fish with french fries  75 DKK

 with remoulade

Soup  50 DKK

Choose between beef, lamb, asparagus or tomato

Greek salat  55 DKK

with bread and butter

1/2 Grilled chicken w/ french fries  99 DKK

grilled chicken with cucumber salad and french fries

Salad  55 DKK

salad with chicken and dressing


"Pariserbøf"  109 DKK 

 vegan steak ...

Pizza 79 DKK 


Vegan Burger 70 DKK

m/ salat, vegan bread and mayo

Salad  45 DKK


Sausages & French fries

French hotdog  30 DKK
Sausage w/bread  30 DKK
French fries small/large 30/40 DKK


BBQ burger  85 DKK
XXL BBQ burger  119 DKK
Hamburger  50 DKK
Cheeseburger 50 kr
Chutney Delight  55 DKK
Fish burger  75 kr
Burger menu with french fries + 30 DKK  
BBQ / XL burger MENU
with steakhouse fritter and mirakulix dip 109 / 149 DKK 


Croque-monsieur  27 DKK
Roast pork sandwich  75 DKK
Club sandwich  95 DKK
Chicken sandwich  70 DKK
Meatball sandwich  75 DKK

For Children

Nuggets 5 pcs w/french fries 45 DKK
Chicken spears 40 DKK
Meatball spears 40 kr
Small sauge mix or chicken mix 45 DKK
Fried fish with french fries 40 DKK
Junior burger  40 DKK


Classic Danish "smørrebrød" on ryebread
Saturday and Sunday -  I
n high season every day
- order if you want to be safe
Small 16 DKK
Medium size 28 DKK
Luxury 38 DKK
We very often have offers and special initiatives
For example, our coveted fried pork ad libitum for DKK 129.
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